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Energy Efficiency: The New Custom Home Advantage

There are many benefits to building a new custom home versus buying an existing home but one benefit is commonly overlooked; energy efficiency. Over time, reduced energy consumption can add up to substantial cost savings. What kind of numbers are we talking about though? How can you tell what kind of cost savings you can expect when you build a new custom home with Romanelli and Hughes? Fortunately, there is a way to calculate the benefit.

The R&H Approach

Romanelli and Hughes takes energy efficiency very seriously. We know that many modern homeowners are concerned with sustaining the environment and would rather spend their money on things other than energy bills. We help our homeowners save energy in a number of ways.

  • Our houses are sealed exceeding industry standards and are among the best in central Ohio.
  • Our ducts are tightly fitted then field sealed from the furnace to the register.
  • We install insulation correctly and completely. Fully filling wall cavities, properly insulating the rim area between floors, fully insulating the attic including around can lights and the attic access, are just a few of the details we do on every home. It’s the attention to detail in insulation and sealing that takes a home from average to outstanding. We take the same pride in the detail of what you can’t see as we do to what you can see.
  • We use energy star rated high-efficiency furnaces and appliances.

Measuring Efficiency

The HERS Index is a home energy inspection method developed by an independent, non-profit agency called the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).  The organization was founded in 1995 to help residents lower their home energy consumption. The HERS Index score is given by a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater. The HERS Index is a nationally recognized scoring system which allocates a number score to a home based on several key factors including:

  • Amount and location of air leaks
  • Leakage from HVAC ducts
  • Insulation effectiveness
  • Potential combustion safety risks
  • Efficiency of the water heating system
  • And other variables

Much like a golf score, the lower the number on the HERS index, the more energy efficient the home. The average score for a standard newly built home is around 100 while the average for a resale home is about 130. That’s a 30 point difference. What could that mean for cost savings throughout the year?  Each point calculates to a 1% increase in energy use. So that 30 point difference is really a 30% difference.

At Romanelli and Hughes, we’ve worked diligently to get our HERS index scores lower than the standard new custom home. MUCH lower! Our homes have scored as low as 42 on the HERS index. Compared to the standard custom home, you’ll save 48-58% on your energy bills.

Our new custom homes meet Energy Star Standards as well. We work with our vendors to bring you the best energy efficient furnaces, air conditioners, quick recovery heaters, and light fixtures. We were rated the second-highest energy efficient builder in central Ohio for 2016-2017.

Be sure to keep energy savings top-of-mind when you’re deciding whether or not to build or comparing Romanelli and Hughes to other builders. Over the years, our commitment to quality will pay off for you. Spend the money you saved on a new car, a vacation for the family, or college tuition. The choice is yours!

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