Energy Star

Romanelli and Hughes New custom homes MAXIMIZE your investment

When you build your new home with us, you are investing in a future of lower utility bills. Our homes meet Energy Star Standards that include high efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, quick recovery water heaters, and Energy Star appliances and lights. Rated the second highest home builder for energy efficiency in central Ohio for 2016-2017, our construction methods not only exceed current code requirements but those proposed for 2019 as well. Our goal is to not only provide you with wall to wall comfort when heating or cooling your home, but also peace of mind knowing that your investment in a RH premier custom home is depleting less resources to sustain our environment.

Why hers rated homes are better

Energy Star Standards are rated by a HERS index. HERS scores are like golf, the lower the better! Each 1 point change on the HERS index scale represents a 1% change in energy efficiency. As a member of the HERS 40 club our scores typically range from 42-52, insuring that our custom homes always rate in the green zone for an environmentally friendly home. Don’t settle for less. Build with Romanelli and Hughes to reduce energy consumption and maximize your investment.

HERS Rating