Exterior of home at Walnut Grove by custom home builders R&H

Choosing Your Perfect Fit In A New Custom Homes Community (Part 1)

If a neighborhood is like a large extended family, the home community within it is your immediate family and favorite uncles. It’s hard to fully love a house if you don’t like the neighborhood, so choosing your right fit in advance will save you a lot of potential disappointment in the future.

Fine-tuning your needs is important when choosing your future custom home; the key is to fully understand the location’s social dynamics and encompassing neighborhood before you make a commitment to buy or build in a specific area.

What do you wish your current community included?

Is there something it seems deficient in for the lifestyle you crave? What do you feel is truly missing?

Create a list of your primary needs. This could be a simple wish list, or even a vision of an ideal retreat-like home environment.

If you’ve always wanted to live on the coast or in a resort area like the Hamptons, put that at the top of your list! Surprisingly, this desire could translate into a well-developed community rich with amenities.

Think about what you don’t want in a neighborhood.

If you can’t stand late-night noise, you’ll probably want to steer clear of the college areas or communities with an active nightlife. You may want to explore the concept of a planned community with certain restrictions in place to keep home owning a pleasant experience year round.

The Architectural DNA

An essential aspect to creating your vision of a perfect custom home may be a consideration of its Architectural elements. Taking in all of the details, styles and subtle nuances a home provides can tell you a lot about a community’s DNA.

What makes it stand apart from other planned communities? You can discern a lot about a custom home builder from the interior and exterior detailing in their homes.

How does the encompassing neighborhood integrate thoughtful architectural design? Does it create an atmosphere that accentuates the community within it or a local heritage? Or is it an entirely different experience in craftsmanship all together? Do you enjoy a park-like setting, or would you prefer to be a part of a a more traditional community like Colonial Williamsburg or New Albany Links? There are many subtle, yet integrated visual experiences to discover and appreciate.

Does it deliver a memorable character with true visual interest? Reflect on the visual cues that truly make a strong neighborhood and its community stand out. What makes it fantastic or extraordinary for you? Are their appealing vistas or deep colonial verandas?

Social interaction:

Is there a sense of community for social interaction and neighborliness? Is their an activity director on-board? Or neighborhood watch parties? Creating a sense of belonging can even lower crime rates in a community when neighbors look out for each other.

Does it promote security to reduce crime?

Is it a well-lit community with security systems or gates in place?

Does the community integrate design measures which physically reduce traffic? Reducing through-car traffic, not only deters crime but can prevent it from seriously spoiling social or recreational activities.

Is it sensory environment?

Does the neighborhood use its environment and natural features to provide an optimal sensory environment for its homeowners? Aquatic scenes or well-placed retention ponds within the common areas can provide relaxing repose.

Would you want to unwind here—is it a peaceful atmosphere?


Active lifestyle

Many of today’s new home communities offer AMENITIES FOR unique interests or leisure activities. You’ll find niceties such as, community clubhouses, swimming pools, entertainment zones, hiking trails, nature areas, and other amenities.

Consider whether it provides convenient access to walking, bicycling, or local transit to destinations that fit the lifestyle you crave. Many trending custom new home communities are designed with this in mind.

So what’s your perfect fit?  Choose your neighborhood and the luxury custom home builder suitable for your unique lifestyle and fall in love with your new Romanelli & Hughes home!